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More recently...

Thank you for the great presentation last week.  The attendees found it very valuable....

(7/6/12): Dear Kenneth, Your participation at XXX's 73rd Annual Convention & Expo truly helped make the meeting a success...

(8/5/11): Ken, XXX would like to thank you for your presentation at this year’s Convention. It was a great success and we value your time and expertise. ... Thank you, X

(3/4/11): Thanks so very much...  It was an excellent presentation and was thoroughly appreciated by folks in the room.

(1/21/11): I got good comments about your presentation - very relevant - very clear - instructive and interesting.

(10/4/10): Thanks very much, Ken, for such a thoughtful program. I believe it was meaningful for those present, and, as always, your delivery was easy for all to understand.

(9/28/10): Thank you very much, Ken.  Your presentation was terrific.  Our management teams referenced your comments numerous times during their Thursday Board Meetings as they were presenting their 2011 Forecasts/Budgets!
They will greatly appreciate receiving your Monthly Economic Review/Forecast.

(9/24/10):  Our clients/prospects/COIs in XXXX have always really enjoyed when Ken comes to town and that continues to show in the number of RSVPs we have received to-date.  As of this afternoon, we have 215 attendees registered to attend.  

(6/30/10): Ken, You have done a GREAT JOB! Thank you very much. Please include in your attached Power point information on “Clearview Economics” and the services you have available for our Builders. I will then put together the e-mail to send to Builders...

(4/28/10): I know I took the time to thank you for the economic info at the last XXXX meeting at Innisbrook, but I want to reiterate that XXXX and I always enjoy your "Class". You make me look intelligent when I talk about the economy. Of course I give credit to the famous Dr. Mayland.

(6/19/09):  Ken:
You gave an excellent speech today at the City Club--topical, correct and understandable to laymen.  I enjoyed it.

(6/12/09):  Ken,
Thanks again for participating with us in the webinar on Wednesday.  I've
received lots of good comments back on it.
When you have it, please send me your invoice for processing.  I'll be glad
to take care of it in a timely manner.
Once again, I enjoyed working with you.

(6/1/09):  Thanks Ken – I also received lots of great feedback from your talks.  I will keep you in mind for an “encore”!!

(6/1/09): Good Morning. Thank you again for your presentation to our group. I have gotten a lot of great feedback from our members regarding your presentation. Great job! I will review the invoice you have attached and send it onto our treasurer to process out payment to you promptly. I will keep in mind your offer of the “encore” presentation at the same value pricing. Thank you for that!

(4/30/09): Thanks for your talk today.  Everyone agrees that you are the highlight of the luncheon series.

(4/8/09): Ken, thanks again for the great job you did last night. You were a hit.

(4/6/09): Great job last week.  Lots of compliments as usual.

(3/27/09):  Thank you for your participation at our 2009 XXX National Sales Conference.  We surveyed the participants and overall their comments were very positive.

(3/9/09): Good morning Ken,

The reviews started coming in the minute you left the stage…and they have all been good.  Thank you again for being a part of our 2009 National Sales Meeting.  Your message was very timely and was well received.  

I have your invoice and will get it to our accounting folks today.

(2/20/09): We are continuing to hear very positive feedback about the Wednesday Evening’s Event.  The local news paper had a very nice article about your program.  We will surely keep you in mind for next year’s program. 

(2/10/09): ..., I would like to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at the ISP seminar on Saturday in Las Vegas. XXXX did a great job in getting you as keynote speaker. 

(1/9/09): Thank you Dr. Mayland!

It was my great pleasure to work with you and to meet you.

I found your presentation to be quite informative and easy to understand!

You were a hit here among our guests as I have had tons of requests for your powerpoint presentation.

(11/16/08): Feedback was great all in all.  Especially on your part. You made me look like a hero!  You scored a 4.71 average out of 5, the highest presenter!  Very timely was the general reply...

(10/13/08): The session went very well.  Sound was fine, slides were good.  Our attendees got a lot out of the presentation, as they always do with you.

(10/7/08): Many thanks for being our XXXX luncheon speaker this month, and for sharing your knowledge and expertise in the economy, especially in these troubled times.

You helped all of us, in your unique and exceptional way, to understand the complexities and interdependencies of a world economy, and of the crisis that we are facing.

The feedback from your talk was extremely positive and we thank you for further strengthening the quality and the value of our Speaker program.

Best regards and good wishes from all of us...

(9/8/08): Your session was wonderful and really opened my eyes as well as put a few things in perspective.  Thanks again.

From prior years...

(9/19/07): Ken, Thanks again for the inspiring and interesting presentation. It was well received by all in attendance.

(9/6/07): Ken: Your ongoing reviews are most helpful. They are additive to our broader understanding, clearly.

(8/22/07): Ken -  Congratulations on yet another award.  You really are racking them up.  This is great as I cannot think of anyone who deserves them more.  Not only is your forecasting accurate, but it is presented in a way that makes it fun and easy to understand.   Way to go!

(5/30/07): Ken--thanks again for an excellent presentation.  It was perfect for what we needed...

(5/12/07): Thank you, Ken.  We’ll process your invoice this week.  I heard only good things about your presentation.  It was very well received.  Thank you very much.
I will definitely be in touch with you about future presentations and about the other products and services.


(December 2006): "Thanks again for all you've done this year. We value your work and support to XXXX."


(December 2006): "...Your visit and presentation to XXXX was a great success - I have heard comments from members thoughout this month..."


(December 2006): "Ken-----Thanks for helping us in such stellar fashion with this past Wednesday’s client event at the XXXX.  Not that I was surprised, but you absolutely do an outstanding job of communicating the intended subject matter in a listenable, straightforward manner.  Everyone’s comments were favorable regarding your presentation.  I appreciate your efforts on our behalf and for making us look good."


(November 2006): "Your presentation to the xxxx group last week was terrific as usual. We received great feedback about the event. And it was fun for us to be able to share a little bit of your birthday with you."


(November 2006): "Hi Ken - I heard the events were great. XXXX was in town this week and he was thrilled."


(June 2005): At the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Auto Conference Dr. Ken received the award for the "Best Foreign Exchange Foreceast" for June 2004 to June 2005.

"Your remarks were extremely well received. You know, Ken, it’s not often that you find an economist who is entertaining and can get his point across to the audience with clarity and a sense of humor. It’s sort of like finding a PR guy who can balance his checkbook on a regular basis (the reference here is to yours truly)..."



Great job last evening. People seemed very engaged and as usual you get rave reviews...."


"Hi Dr. Mayland,

Thanks for such a great presentation - I've gotten a lot of compliments on your behalf and we hope to see you again here!..."


"...So far, 90 people have viewed your webcast. Of those, 68 are first time viewers of our VSS. We expect this number to climb when our postcards are sent later this week.
POLLING QUESTIONS: Nineteen people too the time to fill out the survey. All 19 were "very satisfied" with the webcast. Other comments we received we:

1) Thanks you for including me in this. It was excellent! (this directly from one of our large clients in the East)

2) Very good - just like Ken's talk, but I can do it any time and I can review parts that need clarification. This is an effective vehicle for communicating with your customers.

3) Ken Mayland is great!..."


"Thanks Ken,

As usual, right on the mark.....Great marks on the Critique...Congrats on the top quality..."