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Several of the services I provided companies, asset managers, and trade associations in the past include:

PRESENTATIONS!  Speeches!  Telephone conferences!  Economic updates!  To managers. To Boards of Directors.  To sales associates.  To company clients.  To trade association members (I do this a LOT!).  People often come away saying, "This is the first economist I've ever understood!" and "If only I had YOU for my economics professor!"

NOTE. As of December 31, 2014, I suspended publication of my signature publication, ClearView on the Economy, my "quick takes" rapid response comments on the popular economic indicators (e.g., the employment report, retail sales, or Federal Reserve FOMC decisions), my quarterly one-page economic-business review/preview, and my quarterly top-down chart presentation on the economy, industry, prices, and the financial markets. 

Specific research projects-- (you fill in the blank).